What are the features and advantages of high temperature valves

What are the performance and advantages of high temperature valves?
The performance of the high temperature valve is as follows:
1. High temperature valve quenching is good, can be deep quenching, rather than the surface of the anti-saw-lock surface hardening
2. Less brittleness of tempering
3. High temperature valve processing is good, after processing, it is beautiful
4. Good weldability
5. The impact and performance of the absorption is good, the hammer hit up with a sense of bounce, can not be violent and damage.


The advantages of high temperature valves:
(1). Good workability
(2). Impact absorption performance is good
(3). Welding easy
Element symbol: Cr-Mo


A type of high temperature valves
Stainless steel ball valve belongs to a kind of sanitary valves, according to the distinction and selection of the sphere, some ball system can be operated easily, the line for publicity can open and close conveniently.


sanitaryvalves sanitaryvalves

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