The Difference of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Sanitary Valves

The difference of Pneumatic and hydraulic sanitary valves in the drive
Pneumatic and hydraulic sanitary valves were operated by a certain pressure of air, water, power, used cylinder and piston movement to drive the health-class valves, the general pneumatic air pressure is less than 0.8MPa, hydraulic or hydraulic pressure is between 2.5 MPa and 25 MPa.

ball valves

It can be used to drive the sanitary check valves, sanitary diaphragm valve; rotary gas and liquid ball valves, plug valves or butterfly valves and other valves. The driving force of the hydraulic device is large, and it is suitable for driving large diameter valves.
Sanitary Butterfly Valves
If used to drive the plug valve, ball valve and butterfly valve, you must use the reciprocating motion of the piston to change the surface rotary motion. In addition to the use of cylinder or cylinder piston to drive, there are pneumatic film driven, because its travel and driving force is small, it is mainly used to adjust the sanitary valves.

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The Development Trend of Sanitary Valves

What are the development trends of sanitary valves in the future?
Especially in recent years, the development of sanitary valve industry is rapid, and China’s infrastructure investment is inseparable, with the development of economy, the industry from the previous man-based gradually transformed into an automated industry, a variety of Automation equipment in the industry plays an important role in the liberation of a large number of human and material resources, health-class valve is the power-driven automation equipment.


The valve is a very important part of food industry, the sanitary valve is a kind of industrial valves. It adopts the signal of industrial automation control system to drive the valve to change the cross-sectional area between the valve core and the valve seat. It can control the flow, temperature and pressure of the pipeline medium. It is the crystallization of automatic industrial technology. As usual, sanitary valves have been prevalent in many enterprises, more and more people recognized the advantages and importance of sanitary valves, the prospects of sanitary valves can be good.
butterfly valves
With the decline of the Internet boom, the Government increasingly recognized that the virtual online economy must rely on the ability to carry out a strong real economy, the real economy has become the most important part of the economy today, also led to the vigorous development of industry, Such as Shanghai valve industry, such as the rapid rise of some industrial enterprises, has become the backbone of China’s industrial strength. Industrial development to promote the automation equipment, such as sanitary check valves and excellent equipment has once again promoted the industrial progress. As usual, China’s industry has ushered in a new round of challenges and opportunities, health-class valve will be in this tide play a huge role in the future health-class valve development trend is to do high quality products.


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